“Viewing marriage as a business is a brilliant model to help couples focus on the issues that need to be addressed rather than getting side-tracked into personal attacks. This book is well written with useful, practical tips and ideas that can be easily understood and applied to every relationship.” Shaalon Joules, PhD, Psychologist, Private Practice

“This book details an innovative and creative way of conceptualizing marital therapy. Likening couples counseling to a business model is both pragmatic and nonthreatening, especially for those individuals new to therapy who maybe apprehensive about having to talk too much initially about their feelings. The added dimension of cognitive-behavioral interventions to promote change is an empirically validated approach which also may be less stressful for couples who are perhaps a bit nervous regarding traditional talk therapy. I can’t wait to try this out with my patients!” Anne N. Weinberg, PhD, Psychologist, Private Practice

“MARRIAGE IS A BUSINESS answers the frequently asked question, “But how do I do that?”, when couples are told to manage their emotions more effectively. This handbook is practical and easy to read, with excellent real world examples of relationship issues that many couples face and the techniques used to negotiate those turbulent emotional waters. I high recommend this guide to both therapists and couples who are trying to make things better. Well done!” Marcus M. Greenwood, LPC, Private Practice

“A practical, no nonsense approach to the ‘business’ of marriage. Provides concrete tools and easily understood concepts to help couples meet their mutual goals.” Kenneth Wise, PsyD, Psychologist, Private Practice

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